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The Centre for European Studies publishes papers by staff, visitors, conference and seminar presenters and Visiting Fellows. These publications are available to the public free of charge. Their aim is to promote a better understanding of Europe and the European Union in Australia.

To view the other publications of individual members of the Centre for European Studies please view their respective profile pages at People.

Briefing Paper series

The ANU Centre for European Studies Briefing Papers are an interdisciplinary series that aims to provide a concise overview of the latest research that promotes greater understanding of issues relating to Europe, the European Union and the Europe-Australia relationship... Find out more

Working Paper series

As part of its commitment to publish innovative and topical Europe-related research being undertaken by scholars and PhD students affiliated at ANU, the Centre initiated a Working Paper Series in May 2010. Given the work-in-progress nature of the Working Paper Series, authors welcome helpful comments on their work with the object of subsequent publication in a refereed journal or book.

Australia and New Zealand EU Centres Newsletters

The Australia and New Zealand EU Centres Newsletters showcase the activities and achievements of the EU centres at the Australian National University, RMIT University, Monash University and the New Zealand European Union Centres Network. The joint Newsletters also reflect the collaboration between the various centres and highlight developments between the EU and Australia and New Zealand.

Euro Legal Studies

Euro Legal Studies is a collection of articles followed by questions for classroom activities, which are designed to inform and stimulate discussions about the role and functions of the European Union with particular relevance to Australia. To access Euro Legal Studies, click here.

Archived papers on DEMETRIUS

Looking for archived ANUCES or the previous National Europe Centre papers? The ANU online e-print website "Demetrius" has copies of most of our papers.  Use the "Search DSpace" box in the top left hand corner of their webpage to search for your favourite authors and papers. Some previous publications are also available from the archived NEC site

Beyond Trade: Getting Economic Integration Right

Policy Notes
Annmarie Elijah, Andrew Willcocks, Hazel Moir | May, 2015 | Issue 1, 2015
Australia has an open economy that is heavily dependent on trade for its wellbeing. Well formulated evidence based trade policy therefore matters greatly, as does the form and content of these economic agreements (Miankhel et al. 2014...

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Towards a New History of European Law 1950-1980

Briefing papers
Bill Davies | September, 2014 | Volume 5 Number 4
Jacques Delors, long-term President of the European Commission during the ‘Golden Age’ of European integration in the 1980s, once famously described the European Union (EU) as an “Unidentified Political Object”. It is a...

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Galileo – The European GPS: State of play of the European Global Navigations Satellite System and cooperation with Australia

Briefing papers
Edgar Thielmann | April, 2014 | Volume 5 Number 2
The European Union is building up its own global positioning and timing system called Galileo, which is the only Global Positioning System under civil control. So far approximately EUR 6 billion has been spent on the research, development...

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Does the EU need an Asian Pivot? Some Reflections

Briefing papers
Giles Scott-Smith | April, 2014 | Volume 5 Number 3
The announcement of an “Asian Pivot” or “Re-Balancing” by President Obama and his then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2011-2012 signalled a shift of US interests more to the Asia-Pacific region, in line with the...

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ANUCES Roundtable Summary - The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Implications for Australia and the Asia-Pacific

Briefing papers
Maria Garcia, John Ravenhill, Jiro Okomoto, John Leslie and Annmarie Elijah, Don Kenyon and Pierre van der Eng | April, 2014 | Volume 5 Number 4
In 2013 the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) announced the start of negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The announcement – which followed protracted preparations and scoping...

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Putin’s Annus Mirabilis: Changing the Shape of Eurasia

Briefing papers
John Besemeres | March, 2014 | Volume 5 Number 1
Many foreign observers have joined with commentators within the Russian regime to declare Vladimir Putin’s performance on the world stage during 2013 a triumph. Russians of dissident persuasion have tended to acknowledge his...

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Australia and New Zealand EU Centres Newsletter

EU Centre Directors | January, 2014 | Issues 1 & 2
2014 is a special year for Europeans and for Australians. It marks the centenary of the start of WWI; and 75 years since the start of WWII. It also marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the 10th anniversary of the largest EU...

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Water – the European Union’s Position and Vision

Briefing papers
Cristina Stuparu | December, 2013 | Volume 4 Number 7
Discussing the European Union (EU) vision of the best ways of promoting acceptance of and respect for the fundamental human right to water, is an extremely complex task. To develop discussion of the human right to water and the water’s right...

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Culture and Contact: Europe, Australia and the Arts

Briefing papers
Robyn Archer AO | December, 2013 | Volume 4 Number 8
This briefing paper contains the text of the Robert Schuman lecture, given by Ms Robyn Archer AO on 19 August 2013 at the Australian National University. The annual lecture celebrates the remarkable achievements of European integration since its...

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The Eurozone Economic Problems and the Solutions Ahead

Briefing papers
Ramón Tamames | December, 2013 | Volume 4 Number 9
Keywords: European Union, Eurozone, crisis, recession, global financial crisis. The Eurozone Economic Problems and the Solutions Ahead (PDF 1180KB).

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